During 2018 the company renewed the certification for its quality control system in conformity with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standards. This evidence how the company processes and their interaction are all carried out to the strictest quality control standards for the products, service and customer satisfaction, which are priorities in all the company activities.


Our lighting fixtures are wired according to Class I specifications. Additional safety precautions against electric shocks are provided besides the insulation of the incoming feeder. All touchable metal components are connected to the grounding. Fixtures wired according to Class II are provided with double insulation, without grounding, while the Class III ones are safe because of the low voltage. High thermic resistance wires are used and halogen bulbs are fitted with glass protector. Epoxidic powders lacquering to guarantee perfect scratch resistance. For easier cleaning of glass diffusors some lukewarm water with vinegar is recommended.

This mark guarantees that the product has passed all the tests established for electrical safety standards by the European Community.

This marking is used on products for export to the russian, Belarusian, kazakh market, which guarantees that the product conforms to the safety requirements of these countries.

Index protection. A symbol that identifies the protection index against solid particles or liquids entering the fixture.

Fixture class III – A fixture where protection against electric shock depends on the very low and safe voltage supply, guaranteeing no higher voltage levels are generated. N.B. a Class III fixture does not necessarily require grounding protection.

Fixture class II. A fixture where protection against electric shock does not rely only on the main insulation but also further safety measures involving double insulation or reinforced insulation.

            Fixture class I. (safety is guaranteed when earthed).

The Americans Disabilities Act.

Low-energy consumption bulbs can be fitted (fluorescent).

These lamps do not need shield.