Lèuco- [λευκóς «white»]

The deep meaning of the ancient Greek word leuco contains a company’s mission and the quality of a collection of lighting objects that have found the right balance between tradition and innovative design. This double meaning can be otherwise translated by the virtuous relationship between an established knowledge, such the Venetian art of  glassmaking, and a glimpse into the future; the horizon is defined by the prefix leuco (white, colourless, lighter in colour), which in ancient Greek terminology was used to “lighten” the words it was attached to.


White, light and bright are the authentic expression of modernity, and for fifty-five years they’ve embodied the desire to reinterpret the world, the courage to show new ways, and the ambition to dress the living space

Just like the prefix, the objects we manufacture cast a light on a way of thinking that is ahead of time and shows the patience of those who don’t run after fashions or delusions because they know they’re creating something that will last long. And the basis for this confidence is provided by the time spent to verify the consistency of the results.



The new way

In 2015, the historic Venetian brand was purchased by RARA RES, an holding belonging to Italian entrepreneur Riccardo Candotti, who defines the company’s mission as:

“To create value in the world of lighting with the contribution of a passionate workforce, who are inspired by “well being” and “well living”, promoting then best Italian lifestyle for a better quality of light to improve qualityof life.”

Riccardo Candotti –


Although faithful to a culture of great tradition, LEUCOS is a dynamic force evolving steadily, capable of accepting and welcoming every challenge and unique idea with the aim of interpreting them with the most updated techniques: that’s how clean designed products are created to survive the times and live long as real icons of glassmaking art in the world of decorative light.



Architecture meets Glassmaking

Founded in 1962 in Scorzè in the outskirts of Venice, and later moved on to the neighborhood of Salzano, LEUCOS soon became a leader in glass decorative lighting thanks to its ability in exploring different contemporary creative and manufacturing possibilities. Architects and designers, from diverse cultural backgrounds, have always found and still find in LEUCOS an excellent company able to merge an experienced glass craftsmanship with industrial processes and the most reliable technologies.


Understanding a leucos piece means first of all to understand the island of Murano which seems to rise new and ancient at the same time from the sea haze every morning. It means going along its "calli" at the slow and rhytmic movement of gondoliers, getting into a delicious print where everything has stopped as on a Goldonian stage and where a cat muzzle coming out of a door becomes the precise detail of an incision. Here among less luxurious yet more authentical "calli" then the ones in Venice, night after night mixtures are cooked in the ancient ovens for the day to come. They are special mixtures drawn from formulas handed down from father to son through the centuries. Rituals of a procedure which have become a habitat along with time. In the morning apprentices and the glass master will handle it. The long slender pipe emerges, a hot blasting drop with it. Blown, treated, enlarged, handled, narrowed, cut, adjusted with mastery, insight and sagacity, the drop gradually gains a shape of its own and becomes a masterpiece. Once more the miracle of Murano legend becomes a reality inaltered and even perfected.

Leucos – 1962